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5 Resolutions For Better Oral Health in 2018

Another year has just begun. While you celebrate the start of a new year, take a few minutes to set some goals. As new year’s resolution, place these goals at the top of your to-do list. These changes will benefit your oral health in 2018. Improve Your Home Oral Care Routines There are a number...


Be Aware of Halloween Candy & Cavities

You want your children to enjoy Halloween, but you are concerned about their oral health. Not all Halloween candy is alike. When you know which candies are more likely to cause cavities, your children can have healthy teeth after they trick-or-treat. Candies to Watch Out for This Halloween: Sticky Candies | Sticky candy clings to...


Dental Care Tips: Never Make Excuses

Whenever we make excuses, it can become a habit. Each time we come up with a reason for not following an important routine, it is more likely to become a long-term habit that we cannot easily break. This includes excuses for neglecting oral care. Never Make Excuses For Home Oral Care. Adults and children alike find...