5 Resolutions For Better Oral Health in 2018

Another year has just begun. While you celebrate the start of a new year, take a few minutes to set some goals. As new year’s resolution, place these goals at the top of your to-do list. These changes will benefit your oral health in 2018.

Improve Your Home Oral Care Routines

There are a number of changes you can make to promote better oral health. First, you should brush and floss at least twice each day. After breakfast and at bedtime are ideal times to do these things in order to care for your teeth and gums.

Second, devote enough time to brushing and flossing so your teeth and gums will be completely clean. A good rule of thumb is to take at least two minutes to brush. Gently brush your teeth, tongue, and the roof of your mouth, too. Floss after brushing, and rinse with fluoride mouthwash.

Use the Best Dental Care Products
Brushing and flossing will produce the best results when you use products that meet your needs. The products you used years ago may not be appropriate now. Always choose products approved by the American Dental Association.  If you are not sure which toothbrush, floss, or mouthwash is right for you, contact your dentist for recommendations.

Even if you have the perfect toothbrush, it is not meant to last forever. The bristles will wear out and not work as well. Toothbrushes are also a place where bacteria may collect and grow. For the most effective brushing, dispose of your toothbrush and buy a new one every three to four months.

Choose A Tooth-Friendly Diet
The new year can be a start to a diet that benefits your physical and oral health. Tooth healthy foods are rich in calcium. Milk, plain yogurt, cheese, and other calcium-rich foods will keep your teeth strong.  Avoid acidic foods and beverages, as well as sugary treats.

If you occasionally snack between meals, try healthier options. Instead of sugary treats, chew sugar-free gum because it can actually be good for your oral health. Chewing gum can prevent dry mouth, and your breath will be fresh. Nuts and trail mix are also great to snack on and are healthy for your teeth, as long as you make sure nothing gets stuck in them.

Break Habits That Harm Your Teeth

For 2018, give up habits that are harmful to your oral health. One great example is quitting smoking and using other tobacco products. This will prevent further yellowing and decay caused by these products, as well as provide several other benefits to your overall health.

Here are some other bad habits that could damage your teeth: Do not use your teeth to open bottles or chew ice and other objects like pens. Also, if you suspect that grind your teeth at night, ask your dentist about a mouth guard. This device is easy to use and can prevent damage to your teeth and jaw.

Schedule Regular Dental Appointments

We know you have a busy life, but dental appointments should be on your calendar. When you want excellent oral health, it starts with semi-annual teeth cleaning. Even the most conscientious homecare cannot replace professional cleaning. Make sure you are in the dentist’s chair at least twice a year. During your routine appointments, a thorough exam will also determine whether you have underlying dental problems that need to be treated or corrected.

When you set these goals, you can have the best year ever. Contact our office today to start having better oral health in 2018.