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Picture Perfect Pediatrics: School Picture Time

One of the most exciting events in a new school year is yearbook pictures. Kids from kindergarten through high school want pictures to share with their friends and family members. Your child’s perfect smile starts with oral health. The Perfect Time For A Dental Appointment The ideal time for a pediatric dentistry appointment is before...


5 Tips for A Glowing Smile

Your smile is a very important component of your appearance. Having healthy teeth can raise your self-esteem. To maintain your pearly whites, it is essential to follow a solid dental hygiene routine. Here are five tips that will keep your smile glowing. 1. Replace your Toothbrush Regularly. Your toothbrush is an essential part of your...


Teeth Whitening For Wedding White Teeth

The summer is right around the corner, which means wedding season will soon be in full swing. As a bride, it is important to start thinking about your teeth before your big day. There are numerous whitening kits available, but it is a smarter idea to consult with your dentist. What is Involved with Teeth...