Picture Perfect Pediatrics: School Picture Time

Woman SmilingOne of the most exciting events in a new school year is yearbook pictures. Kids from kindergarten through high school want pictures to share with their friends and family members. Your child’s perfect smile starts with oral health.
The Perfect Time For A Dental Appointment

The ideal time for a pediatric dentistry appointment is before picture day. Your child needs an exam and cleaning even if they doesn’t have any existing dental problems. This is especially important if they has not seen the dentist in more than six months. He or she can have the healthiest start to a new school year.

While your child’s oral health is your main priority, you know he or she wants to look his or her best on picture day. A professional cleaning will result in bright, white teeth and a perfect smile. They can also learn good oral care habits to keep their teeth clean and healthy at home.
A Picture-Perfect Smile

With regular dental appointments, your child can have a picture-perfect smile on this special day and throughout the entire school year. Mark dental appointments on your calendar at least every six months, or as often as the dentist recommends.

When kids look great in their school pictures it’s a source of pride. They will be happy to give his picture to everyone he knows. As a parent, you can be proud, too. You know you are taking the right steps to make oral health a part of your child’s life.

Years into the future, you and your child can look back on their school pictures with a memories to reflect with. It’s a joyful time in their life that you will always remember. Regardless of grade level, pictures will help them recall his school days as the happiest time of his life. For a perfect smile, make an appointment with Dr. Walters today.