Back to Basics: Back-to-School

Young couple in lying in grassAs we prepare for a new school year, we should not dismiss the importance of oral health. We can all prepare our kids with back to school basics to help them stay healthy.

Encourage Oral Care

The ideal time to buy your child a new set of oral care supplies is when you are buying their back to school supplies. You can take them with you when you shop for a new toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss. Remind your child that brushing and flossing must be performed twice a day. They should clean their teeth and gums before school and at bedtime.

Provide Healthy Lunches

You do not have to take chances with the school cafeteria. Whether your child takes his lunch in a brown bag or a lunch box, fill it with healthy products. Examples include a Thermos of milk, cheese sandwiches, and fresh vegetable sticks. Instead of sugary treats and desserts, nuts are better for your kid’s oral health.

Your Child And Mouth Guards

Contact sports require mouth guards, but they are useful for other activities too. Any activity in P.E. class can result in a mouth injury. From calisthenics to volleyball, to avoid injuries have your child wear a mouth guard. When your child visits the dentist for their back to school checkup, ask about mouth guards. Rather than purchasing mouth guards from sporting goods stores or online, your child can have a device that fits perfectly. Remind him to wear it whenever he participates in a sport or other activity at school.
Back to school is an exciting time for students and parents. It is also an opportunity to make oral health a routine part of your child’s life. Your family’s schedule may be very busy and have much to do, but these tips can always fit into your children’s daily schedule.