Tooth Whitening Solutions

Your smile is often a large part of the first impression that you make to others. That is why tooth whitening is essential for many individuals in both their personal and professional lives. At Dana Walters DDS in Hilliard and Upper Arlington, Ohio, we are happy to provide tooth whitening solutions that will serve you well and get the whiter teeth you desire!

We offer custom-made trays, that are an extremely effective tooth whitening option. Custom trays are often more effective than in-office procedures over time. The reason for these great results is that the procedure is on-going, with minuscule amounts of bleach remaining on teeth for up to 36 hours. As the bleach applications mount, the process is intensified.

Home bleaching with a custom-made try is the recommended method for individuals who have darkly stained teeth or who have teeth affected by tetracycline. Not only is at-home whitening convenient and portable, but it will also save you money over procedures done in the office. Keep in mind, however, the improper usage can hurt your teeth and gums, so always contact your Hilliard Ohio dentist if problems occur, or if you have any questions.