Teeth Grinding and Your Oral Health

Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding is a common problem that affects about 20% of the population.  It is the grinding of both the top and bottom teeth in a sideways motion.  While most of us do grind our teeth occasionally when anxious, when grinding occurs on a regular basis, it becomes the condition “bruxism”.

Teeth grinding presents a very real risk to your oral health . It can wear the front teeth down, break fillings, cause headaches, and lead to gum recession.  Gum recession caused by bruxism is due to the extra pressure that is put on the gum line.  If left unchecked, bruxism can eventually cause the affected teeth to loosen and fall out.

The most common cause for bruxism is stress in daily life.  Oftentimes relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, and exercise can help.  Teeth grinding can, however, be a symptom of other disorders such as an abnormal bite or temporomandibular dysfunction.  In children teeth grinding can be caused by oral irritation, allergies, or teeth that need to be realigned.

If you are affected by teeth grinding it is important that you seek attention from a dental professional as it can cause longterm problems if left unchecked.  At Dr. Walters DDS we can help diagnose teeth grinding as well as offer guidance and assistance to prevent future oral health issues.  Please contact our Hilliard and Upper Arlington, Ohio office today if you believe you may have an issue with teeth grinding.