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New Year Resolutions and Dental Health- Continued

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let’s discuss the top two priorities that will help you make your care a priority in 2015.  Resolve to Visit Your Dentist at Least Two Times Per Year If you do not have any oral health problems, visit your dentist every six months.  However, if you have a problem that must be corrected,...


New Year Resolutions and Dental Health

MERRY CHRISTMAS! It is never to early to start thinking about your 2015 New Year Resolutions.  Remember to include resolutions that will affect your dental health.  Dental resolutions not only affect your oral health, but your general health and appearance, too. Resolve to Make Home Oral Care a Priority First, brush your teeth at least...


Holiday Stress And Your Dental Health

Holiday stress does not have to interfere with your dental health. Your oral health can be a priority while you enjoy the holiday season. First, never fail to floss and brush. Even if you are planning a full day of shopping, decorating, or celebrating, your teeth and gums need attention. Take proper care of your...