New Year Resolutions and Dental Health- Continued


Let’s discuss the top two priorities that will help you make your care a priority in 2015. 

Resolve to Visit Your Dentist at Least Two Times Per Year

If you do not have any oral health problems, visit your dentist every six months.  However, if you have a problem that must be corrected, or an issue that should be addressed, resolve to see your dentist more frequently.

One example is to fix your smile with clear braces.  If your teeth are not perfect, braces can result in healthier, more attractive teeth.  A little extra time at the dentist’s office can result in a lifetime of benefits.

Resolve to Include Dental Health as Part of Your Overall Health

You would not allow a year to pass without visiting your doctor, or taking care of your physical health at home.  The wisest resolution you can make is to see dental health and dental visits the same way.

When you resolve to visit your dentist regularly, follow the dentist’s advice, and take care of your oral health at home, it will make a difference.  If you make a point of including these dental health resolutions on your list of New Year resolutions, your New Year can be the start of many healthy changes.