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Be Aware of Halloween Candy & Cavities

You want your children to enjoy Halloween, but you are concerned about their oral health. Not all Halloween candy is alike. When you know which candies are more likely to cause cavities, your children can have healthy teeth after they trick-or-treat. Candies to Watch Out for This Halloween: Sticky Candies | Sticky candy clings to...


Spooky Gums: Not A Healthy Halloween Trend

Halloween is a favorite holiday for children. It is a time for fun, friends, and tasty treats. As a parent, you are concerned about the effects Halloween treats can have on your child’s oral health. Your child can have a good time, yet keep his/her gums healthy. All Halloween Candy Is Not Created Equal. Whether...


Protect Your Oral Health on Halloween

We all know candy can cause cavities, but some types of candy are better or worse than others. Whether you are choosing candy for your child, a party, or trick-or-treaters, think about candy and its effect on oral health. Chewy candy and popular fruit-flavored candies are tasty and appealing, but they are especially bad for...