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Why Is It Important to Receive Annual Dental X-Rays?

To maximize your oral health, we recommend a yearly set of x-rays to accurately diagnose and treat problems that cannot be seen with the naked eye. When a problem is detected early, it will prevent more serious issues from occurring. Most commonly, dental x-rays reveal cavities that may be present in the teeth. Also, it...


How Dental X-Rays Work

When you are having dental problems, the root of the issues may be uncovered in a simple X-ray. Although certain cavities may be detectable through a routine examination, there are particular problems that may remain hidden within a tooth. Thanks to an X-ray, your dentist will find the problem and be able to come up...


Modern Dental X-Rays

It is hard to imagine how dentists and specialist orthodontists performed their duties before the invention of dental X-rays. X-rays are vital to the proper diagnosis, treatment and management of dental problems. Dental X-rays are images of the teeth, gums and surrounding tissues The purpose of dental X-ray is to find out if there are...