Modern Dental X-Rays

It is hard to imagine how dentists and specialist orthodontists performed their duties before the invention of dental X-rays. X-rays are vital to the proper diagnosis, treatment and management of dental problems.

Dental X-rays are images of the teeth, gums and surrounding tissues The purpose of dental X-ray is to find out if there are problems with the mouth, the teeth, the jaw bone or the gums. After the pictures are taken, a dental expert looks at the pictures and forms a diagnosis. In some cases, another X-ray may be performed after treatment to confirm that the dental problem has been properly addressed.

X-rays are vital to the practice of modern dentistry, and at Dana Walters DDS, we utilize the modern technology available to us to diagnose problems with the teeth much earlier. Many teeth can be saved through early intervention. Please contact our office today if you are in need of a dental x-ray.