What You Need To Know About Mouthguards And Braces

Mouthguards and braces can be a complicated combination for young people who participate in sports. A good approach is to ask for advice from both your child’s dentist and his coach.

Stock mouthguards are not the best option for kids who wear braces. They are not likely to fit appropriately, and can even make it difficult for your child to talk or breathe. Both the mouthguards and braces can become damaged.

The best option available is a custom-made mouthguard, as it will be designed specifically for your child.  Custom-made mouthguards will offer the most protection and comfort. It will fit your child’s mouth structure so it does not interfere with talking and breathing.

If you cannot afford a custom-made mouthguard, the boil-and-bite option is less expensive. As it provides a customized fit, it is a better option than a ready-made mouthguard.

Some sports, such as wrestling, can require mouthguards that protect both the top and bottom teeth. As this can result in additional complications for a child who wears braces, talk to your dentist before purchasing a product.

When a child participates in a sport without wearing a mouthguard, it can lead to serious dental and physical emergencies. However, sports injuries can also ruin braces. Braces can be permanently destroyed, and the child can experience significant pain.

Mouthguards and braces can be a team effort between parents, children, coaches, and dentists. Do not hesitate to express your concern if you are unsure of the requirements, which type of mouthguard is best for your child, or how to teach your child to wear a mouthguard properly.

Your child can stay safe and healthy while participating in his sport, and experience no damage to his braces. Make sure he knows he must wear it consistently, and how to take care of it. He will have more fun playing sports, and have better dental health.