Mouthguards for Youth Sports

Participating in a sport means fun and competition for your child. However, some sports require mouthguards for youth sports. Football, hockey, field hockey, and lacrosse are the most common examples. If your child plans to try out for a team, a mouthguard must be a part of his equipment.

One reason he needs a mouthguard is to avoid tooth injury. There are a number of different injuries that can occur if his teeth are not protected by a mouthguard.

Teeth can become chipped or broken. A tooth can remain in its socket, but be out of place. A tooth can be completely knocked out of the socket. In any of these instances, the root can also be damaged.

Other injuries can occur to his mouth. While tooth injuries can be difficult to treat, injuries to the jaw can be more serious. If the injury is severe, he may need to be hospitalized for surgery. This can result in pain, difficulties from anesthesia, and a period of recovery.

Your child can avoid these injuries by wearing a mouthguard every time he plays. Whether he is practicing with his team or playing against another team, a mouthguard will protect his teeth and mouth. A mouthguard is one of the most essential products to buy when you are preparing your child for a team sport.

Your child may not be thinking about dental health when he is filled with excitement over joining a team. You can take this opportunity to educate him about dental health, and the role of mouthguards in youth sports. Make sure he understands the importance of wearing the mouthguard every time he practices and plays.

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