The Link Between Dental Health and Your Diet

diet-861173_1920The foods that are part of your everyday diet affect your dental health and overall well being. Eating the proper amount of vitamins and minerals ensures a healthy body and a bright smile. Avoiding dangerous foods, which are high in sugar and acids, prevents tooth decay and worse dental problems. Here is a closer look at the link between your diet and your dental health.

Poor Nutrition and Health Problems.

Poor nutrition weakens your immune system, which makes your body susceptible to many problems, including periodontal disease. Scientific studies have associated failing oral health to a number of conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Consuming a variety of foods will heighten dental health and lower the risks of developing other health problems.

What Food is Best for Healthy Teeth?

Selecting foods from the five major food groups will promote a healthy body and mouth. According to the American Dental Association, a balanced diet is a key to a healthy smile. When your diet lacks certain nutrients, it leaves your mouth vulnerable to infections that cause gum disease. When gum disease becomes severe, it can lead to tooth loss. It is best to avoid foods that cling to teeth. Cakes, dried fruit, and sticky candies promote decay. As an alternative, you should snack on yogurt, nuts, or raw vegetables.

When eating carbohydrates, they should be used as part of a meal or eaten with other foods. Combining different items helps neutralize acids that build in the mouth. For instance, when eating crackers, they should be paired with cheese or peanut butter. Dairy foods are rich in vitamin D and calcium. These items strengthen bones and teeth and build a strong immune system. When planning meals, it is important to incorporate this food group.

Beverages Matter.

When you drink a great deal of soda, your enamel will erode from the acid. Also, fruit juices are filled with sugar that can cause decay. A much better way to remain hydrated is by drinking plain water. Water encourages saliva flow, which protects your enamel.

Brushing Helps.

After every meal, it is smart to brush your teeth. This helps remove foods that have become stuck and discourages acids from building and wearing on teeth. For more helpful tips about what to eat so that your mouth and overall health remains strong, it is smart to consult with your dentist. Dr. Dana Walters is always available to offer advice and to recommend tasty meals and snacks that will keep dental problems to a minimum.