5 Tips To Prevent Dry Mouth

5 Tips To Prevent Dry MouthDry mouth is uncomfortable, embarrassing, and can increase your risk of tooth loss. Whether you are experiencing dry mouth due to aging or medication you are taking, prevention tips can be part of your overall oral care. You can take simple steps to relieve this issue, and have better oral health.

1. Eliminate products that contribute to dry mouth. This is the ideal time to stop smoking. As tobacco dries your mouth, decide that you do not need it. If you use a mouthwash containing alcohol, switch to a mouthwash that does not contain alcohol. You can have a clean, fresh mouth without the complications of an alcohol-based mouthwash.

2. As caffeine can cause dry mouth, limit beverages that contain caffeine. For the best results, switch to decaffeinated coffee and tea. Caffeinated soda pop should definitely not be in your diet. Consider giving up soda pop altogether.

3. If you drink alcohol, choose a healthier beverage. Drink milk or fruit juice instead. When you drink alcohol, your gums become irritated and dry. It is a product you do not need, and it is harmful to your oral health.

4. Use products that increase saliva. Hard candies and gum are two examples. The options that are best for your overall oral health are sugar-free products. They will increase natural saliva, and they will not harm your teeth. It is an easy way to enjoy a treat, and it can eliminate dry mouth.

5. Drink plenty of water. There is no beverage that provides so many health benefits as pure, fresh water. It is refreshing and delicious, and it is good for your oral health. When you enjoy glasses of cool water throughout the day, it will decrease dry mouth.
These 5 prevention tips should solve the problem of dry mouth. You can avoid discomfort, bad breath, and unnecessary damage to your oral health.

However, if dry mouth persists after taking these steps, consult with your dentist. You may have an oral issue that has not been detected. Your dentist can offer further advice on how to relieve dry mouth. You can be comfortable, and have better oral health.