Is It Better To Brush With Warm Or Cool Water?

Better To Brush With Warm Or Cool WaterEveryone brushes their teeth as part of a normal oral care routine. However, people tend to use cool tap water on their brushes. Since hot water is associated with deep cleaning, it is important to examine whether it is better for dental health to use hot or cold water during this task.

According to dental experts, most people brush with cold water out of habit. Many individuals feel the coolness is refreshing, but there are no benefits that come from using it for oral hygiene purposes. It is a common belief that warm water loosens dirt and gets things cleaner. For instance, you may use warm water to remove grease from dishes and stains from clothing. However, this does not apply to your teeth. To see major effects, you would need to use boiling water, which is too hot to keep in your mouth. Since toothpaste contains cleansers, the water used does not matter.

According to the American Dental Association, brushing with a fluoride toothpaste is the key to solid oral health. Since your mouth contains many kinds of bacteria, it takes more than water to eliminate the cavity causing agents. Fluoride remineralizes teeth and removes plaque and bacteria film.

Water is not an important part of the tooth brushing process. Using too much can counteract the good deed. Large amounts of water dilute toothpaste and rinse it away. To be useful, fluoride must remain on your teeth so that bacteria cannot turn into damaging acids.

One reason you may wish to consider using warmer water is to keep your sensitive teeth from hurting. Cold water can cause pain, which may prevent you from brushing properly. However, the only thing that keeps teeth clean is the motion of the bristles.

When you brush your teeth, the temperature of the water is meaningless. The most important thing is using the correct technique. If you are unsure about the proper way to brush and floss, you should consult with your dental care provider.

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