Apps For Healthy Teeth

Apps For Healthy TeethThese days, there are apps for everything. A vast majority of people use smart technology for communication and learning information, including how to maintain positive oral health. Here are a few dental apps that can help you and your children keep your teeth healthy.

Disney Magic Timer. It can be challenging to get your small children brushing for the correct amount of time. Thanks to “Disney Magic Timer,” you can use smartphones to keep your kids interested in healthy teeth. This app shows a character brushing along with your child. Youngsters will be encouraged to brush away clues for the recommended two minutes without hassle. It is possible to scan a Crest or Oral-B product and have the on-screen character use the same item in the game.

Similar apps are available as well. For example, Brush DJ uses the music on your phone to create a party atmosphere when it comes time for your kids to brush. When children have fun doing something, they are more likely to continue.

Virtual Dentist. Virtual Dentist is a great app for a person who is considering cosmetic dental procedures. An individual can upload a picture and see what he or she would look like after certain treatments. It is a great way to view how an appearance is altered with braces or veneers. By showing kids what fillings and dirty teeth look like, it is a smart way to make them want to brush and follow a regular oral care routine as well.

Tiny Dentist. Tiny Dentist is an app for a child aspiring to enter the oral care profession. It is made to take the user into the life of a dentist. It allows a person to fix cavities, perform whitening procedures, set implants, and clean teeth.

It can be difficult to get your kids interested in their oral health. Since children love technology and games, the above apps are perfect. They keep kids brushing properly from a young age, which sets a positive routine into adulthood. For more dental tips, consult with Dr. Dana Walters. He cares for all his patients and is always willing to help them maintain healthy and beautiful smiles.