Holiday Candy To Avoid This Year

White smileThe Holiday season is a special time of the year. All the events with co-workers, family and friends means one thing, so many food options to enjoy.

Most of us don’t plan on going on a strict diet over the holidays, as we can always work on our beach bodies before the summer starts. However, there are some sweets we should at least stay away from to keep our teeth in tiptop shape. Here are some types of candy to avoid.

Toffee or Caramel. These sinfully sweet candies sure hit the spot. However, the sticky texture may not be the best for people who have poor oral hygiene. If you wear braces, these might dislodge brackets as well. Caramel and toffee candy is sticky enough that it might get lodged deep into the tooth crevices. If not cleaned properly, the leftover residue can lead to cavity formation.

Sour Candy. Sour candy is a great palate cleanser. We all enjoy tart flavored candy after a heavy meal. However, while it might taste divine, imagine how the acidity might destroy the dentition of people who have weak enamel or minute cracks on their teeth. If you doubt the strength of your enamel, steer clear!

Hard Sweets. Candy cane and peppermints make the perfect holiday sweets. While we are not asking you to avoid hard candy entirely, it would be best to suck on the candy instead of chewing it. This will allow you to enjoy these sweet treats without accidentally cracking a tooth.

So what is the safest option? If you’re looking for a sweet treat that won’t harm your teeth, you might want to consider sugarless gum that is ADA-approved instead.

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