The Cost of NOT Replacing a Missing Tooth

One reason people dismiss dental implants is they believe implants are too expensive. There are greater costs, both in dollars and cents and effects on your health, when you do not replace a missing tooth.

More Expensive Dental Work. A missing tooth can result in more oral health issues. As healthy teeth begin to shift, healthy teeth can become weak. You have a greater risk of losing more teeth if you avoid implants.

As home oral care is more difficult with missing teeth, you are also risking gum disease and tooth decay. One missing tooth can eventually affect your entire mouth.

Missing Teeth and Your Overall Health. The foods you need to stay healthy can be difficult to eat when you are missing a tooth. The result can be poor general health, and costly visits to your doctor, because you do not have adequate nutrition.

Poor home care due to missing teeth can increase your risk of many medical conditions, too. While some conditions involve costly treatment, others can actually endanger your life. If you avoid flossing and brushing because teeth are missing, the bacteria does not stay in your mouth. It can spread throughout your entire body.

Dental Tips For Missing Teeth. Obtaining an implant is a relatively simple, painless process. There is much more to dental implants than a nicer appearance. You can avoid many oral health problems, overall health problems, and the costs associated with these issues.

You can save money by choosing this easy procedure. Considering all the complications that can occur from a missing tooth, a dental implant is the most economical way to deal with missing teeth. You can enjoy all the health benefits, have a beautiful smile, and have fewer bills in the future, by asking your dentist to replace your missing tooth with an implant.