Back-to-School Dental Tips For Your Family

shutterstock_160687775Schools today realize the importance of good health. Most schools no longer offer sugary desserts and treats to students. Unfortunately, while many products are nutritious, they are not all equally suited to dental health. When you pack your child’s lunches, start with some back to school tips.

What Products Are Best For Your Child’s Teeth?

Calcium is the most important nutrient for teeth. Calcium is available in many forms that are appropriate for your child’s lunch. He should drink milk for lunch, whether he buys it at school or whether you provide a thermos for him.

Cheese is another excellent source of calcium. Most kids love cheese, and there are many types from which to choose. You can make cheese sandwiches for his lunchbox, or provide cheese as a snack.

Fresh vegetables will keep his teeth strong and healthy. From celery to cucumbers, fresh vegetable sticks make a refreshing addition to your child’s lunch.

Apples help teeth stay healthy and strong, too. Your child’s lunches can include whole apples or apples you have cut into quarters or sticks.

Why Avoiding Sugar Is Not Enough For Dental Health:

There are many popular lunch products that can harm your child’s teeth. They do not all contain sugar. Products that are especially sticky or acidic should also be avoided.

Granola bars and most fruits are in this category. Even if they are nutritious, they are not the best choices for your child’s lunchbox. Sticky products can leave harmful residue on his teeth, and acidic products can damage his tooth enamel.
While schools are taking a positive step to ensure students’ health, parents still need to be sure their children’s lunches promote dental health. Whether your child is a kindergartner or a teen, he can enjoy delicious lunches every day that keep his teeth healthy.