Emergency Dentistry

Providing care for dental emergencies to families in Hilliard and Upper Arlington, Ohio

A dental emergency stemming from an accident or problem tooth requires immediate care to prolong the life of the tooth. Seek the aid of a dentist as soon as possible when dental problems arise. Dr. Dana Walters recommends these tips for patients in the Hilliard Ohio community.

Use cold compresses on the affected area that shows signs of swelling. A dental emergency is easier to treat once the swelling has subsided. Additionally, at the first sign of a serious dental problem, rinse out the area with warm water and floss the area to remove any debris that may contribute to the problem.

When an accident causes a permanent tooth to come out, it is important to keep the tooth moist until the time of the dental appointment. There are over-the-counter products available that are ADA accepted for these emergencies, or simply placing the tooth back in the mouth or in a cup of milk.

Emergency dentistry patients can call Dr. Dana Walters for immediate dental needs.