What To Expect During Your First Dental Visit

When you have your first dental visit at our office, you might wonder what the process is like. First, the office staff will collect your insurance information along with the names of previous dentists so that your dental records are available. Any previous dental facilities that you visited will fax over your medical images and other information to the new dental facility. This will give a current dentist the information required to provide the best dental care for your specific needs.

Have Your Insurance Information With You

Make sure to bring your personal identification and insurance information with you to your first visit. This will help ensure that the dental assistants can verify everything before your appointment. Make sure to arrive early for your appointment and prepare for a thorough examination. You may need new medical images, so we can easily spot any new problem areas in the mouth and treat them accordingly.

Have a Cavity Filled

When you have a small cavity, it is possible to have it fixed immediately without any anesthetic. However, if you have a larger cavity or gingivitis you may need to return another day for treatment. For major dental decay, you may require a dental crown or root canal. If you have gingivitis, you must take oral antibiotics before having your dental roots scraped to remove bacteria. More invasive dental treatment will require using anesthesia and may require multiple appointments on different days.

Request a Tooth-Whitening Procedure

If you don’t have any apparent dental health issues, a hygienist will clean your teeth to remove plaque buildup. If you aren’t happy with the way that your teeth look, you can discuss your cosmetic dentistry options with the dentist. You might want to have your teeth whitened to remove the discoloration. Tooth discoloration can happen over time from poor dental hygiene practices, smoking tobacco, and eating certain foods. A tooth-whitening procedure is a simple way to combat this discoloration.

Improve Your Smile

Make sure to discuss your dental needs during your first visit and any questions or concerns you have about your treatment. There are many resources for improving your smile; applying bonding material to any chips on your teeth or creating veneers to hide the shape of a tooth are valid treatment options. Together, you and your dentist can create the perfect treatment plan for you.

You can contact Dr. Dana R. Walters in Hilliard, Ohio to schedule your first visit with our team. Our dental facility is located near to Columbus and Upper Arlington. We have been caring for dental patients for over 25 years, and we are currently accepting new patients at our facility.