Tips To Avoid Tooth Decay

shutterstock_221871235Tooth decay can destroy your smile. It may affect the outer enamel or penetrate deeper into the center dentin of a tooth. Without proper dental care, it may lead to tooth loss. To avoid these problems and maintain solid oral health, there are certain prevention tips that will keep decay to a minimum.

Brush and Floss Each Day. Brushing with a fluoride toothpaste is the best way to remove debris from the mouth. Flossing penetrates between teeth and the gum line, which eliminates trapped food particles. These practices lower the likelihood of developing plaque buildup and cavities.

Maintain a Balanced Diet. For maximum overall health, it is wise to eat a balanced diet. Consuming too many sweets and carbohydrates often lead to weight gain and tooth decay. These items stick to teeth and inhibit bacteria growth. When you eat an overabundance of sugar, bacteria turn to acid. This acid combines with food debris and saliva and forms plaque, which accumulates on teeth and causes cavities.

Supplements and Sealants. According to the American Dental Association, fluoride supplements and dental sealants are effective ways to prevent cavities. Fluoride strengthens enamel so that it holds up against decay. Also, sealants are dental treatments that can be applied to your molars. These protective plastic coatings are brushed onto the chewing surfaces of your back teeth. These are common points where decay strikes, especially when they contain deep grooves. The application is painless and can drastically lower the chances of developing cavities.

Schedule Regular Dental Visits. Regular visits to your dentist are key parts of tooth decay prevention. At your dentist’s office, you will receive a professional examination and cleaning that removes stubborn debris and tartar. Also, it may be possible to receive fluoride treatments that guard enamel and keep teeth strong. Taking these steps will help avoid harmful cavities.

Each day, it is essential to follow a solid oral care regimen. It is never fun facing the pain and ugliness of tooth decay. Your dentist will be able to explain more prevention tips so that you keep your smile looking its best.