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5 Ways to Strengthen Your Tooth Enamel

Tooth decay and other damage can occur when the enamel has become weak. You can have healthier teeth when you take steps to strengthen tooth enamel. Do You Know What To Eat? Your diet affects your teeth. Emphasize a nutritious, balanced diet, but make sure to include plenty of calcium and protein. Dairy products, leafy...


Flossing: A Key Ingredient To Oral Hygiene

Flossing may be a difficult habit to cultivate, but well worth the effort to help preserve the health of your teeth. In addition to making your mouth feel cleaner, flossing can help prevent cavities, alleviate breath odor and protect you from gingivitis. Daily brushing is a must to remove food particles and bacteria from teeth....


Practicing Good Oral Hygiene While Wearing Braces

Wearing braces can take a lot of adjusting, in more ways than just getting used to how they look and feel.  People that are prescribed braces will have to make some minor adjustments in how they care for their teeth and gums. The oral hygiene routine used while wearing braces is similar to the routine...