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What is a Cavity?

What is a cavity? A cavity is actually decaying that occurs within a tooth’s structure. It begins in the outer enamel. When it is left to worsen, severe damage may occur. In this instance, a root canal may be necessary, or the entire tooth may need to be pulled. Why Do You Get Cavities? Tooth...


Are Root Canals All They’re Cracked Up To Be?

Root canals: What are they? Root canal treatment or endodontic therapy is mistakenly viewed as a painful procedure. This form of dental therapy is performed to remove the infection from deep within the tooth. The procedure is a pain-relieving treatment and has the capacity to prevent reinfection. It is normally carried out to prevent tooth...


November Oral Health Guidelines

It is very beneficial to get in to the habit of thinking about oral health at the beginning of each month.  Reflect on the advice that your dentist gave you at your last check up, and  if it’s been longer than six months, it’s time to make an appointment soon.  Schedule a check up with...