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Should You Really Brush Twice a Day?

When you want oral health and a nice smile, you must keep your teeth and mouth clean. Some prefer to brush after every meal, but you do need to brush at least twice each day. How To Reduce Plaque Build-up If you have noticed a sticky, soft film on your teeth when you have not...


Can Flossing Help Prevent Tooth Decay?

Most people do not floss regularly. However, dentists advise that patients perform this oral health task daily. It is a way to remove plaque or trapped food from between teeth. Recent scientific studies have analyzed whether or not flossing can help to prevent tooth decay. Articles have been circulating in the Associated Press that reports...


Gums and Your Oral Health

Oftentimes when people think of oral health and hygiene, they overlook their gums and think only of their teeth.  Gums serve a very important purpose in the mouth.  They are an important protective barrier that protects your teeth and their support structures.  Healthy teeth depend on healthy gums to be strong and thrive. Most gum...