Sleep Dentistry: Your Snoring Solution

Have you ever had problems with snoring in your life? Has your spouse or a loved one? If so, you have probably seen a variety of treatments and solutions out there. You probably, however, did not consider consulting your dentist for a possible solution. Sleep dentistry involves the use of oral and dental devices that help in treating snoring problems.

There are a variety of dental devices that can be recommended for treatment, including the mandibular advancement device. It is a very popular appliance that is used to force the lower jaw down and slightly forward. It looks very much like a mouth guard that you might use for sporting events and it is very effective in keeping the airway open and helping prevent breathing issues throughout the night that are most responsible for snoring.

A mandibular advancement device, along with improving all-around oral health, can be a very effective treatment for snoring. If you are interested in learning more about sleep dentistry or know somebody who is suffering from snoring problems, please contact Dr. Dana Walters to find out more information.