Protecting Teeth With Mouthguards

shutterstock_164298476Mouthguards are not only for professional athletes. Members of your family can benefit from a mouthguard, too.

The Purpose of Mouthguards:

A mouthguard will protect your jaw and teeth if you sustain an injury. It should be used when participating in contact sports and non-contact sports. Without a mouthguard, injuries can occur from impact with another player, impact with sports equipment, or falls.

Oral injuries can range from minor to severe. Without a mouthguard, you can suffer from broken teeth, dental work or appliances can be ruined, or your jaw may be injured. The consequences can range from needing emergency dental services to surgery. A mouthguard is a simple way to avoid these issues.

General Dentistry and Mouthguards:

The cheapest type of mouthguard is a ready-made mouthguard. It can be purchased in sporting goods stores. However, as a ready-made mouthguard is not designed especially for you, it is not the best choice if you can afford a better option.

Boil-and-bite mouthguards are better, as they conform to your own mouth. The best option, though, is to have a mouthguard made by your own dentist. When it is created just for you, it will fit properly in your mouth. It is the most comfortable, effective type of mouthguard.

Activity and Your Oral Health: 

From basketball to skateboarding, sports and recreational activities can lead to injuries. This will not be a concern when you wear a mouthguard. If you wear it every time, you may never experience an injury to your mouth or jaw.

Keep your mouthguard clean, and store it in a safe container when you are not wearing it. Keep your device away from hot water and direct sunlight. Replace it as often as your dentist advises.

From the youngest children to adults, a mouthguard will safeguard oral health. Whether you are going out to football practice or hopping on your bicycle, make sure your mouthguard is in place.