Promote Youth Sports Safety


The numbers are growing each year. The number of injuries in youth sports is higher than ever. Parents and team coaches can prevent injuries in youth sports. April is Youth Sports Safety Month.

Here are 5 ways to help promote Youth Sports Safety…


  1. Protect eyes. A lot of the time eye protection is forgotten. Children need to wear eye protection to prevent their eyes from getting sun burnt.
  2. Create Prevention. Make sure your child and the team is hydrated at all times to prevent many sport related injuries.
  3. Share Rules. Knowing and sharing the rules with the players can reduce sport injuries.
  4. Remember to take a break. Make sure the team gets the right amount of rest during the game for their bodies to rejuvenate.
  5. Find the right size. Make sure the safety equipment fits your child properly. It can be very harmful to your child if the safety equipment doesn’t fit. Ask a professional for help if needed.

Please use these tips and other resources to keep your children and team players healthily and strong!