Regular Cleanings and Dental Health

It is very important to get regular check-ups and teeth cleanings to not only maintain your dental health and a great smile but also, your health in general.  It is recommended that you schedule a checkup once every 6 months.

Proper oral hygiene at home is most certainly important and can go a long way towards maintaining dental health.  However, you cannot remove hardened plaque and tartar at home with a toothbrush and flossing.  During your visit, your hygienist will use special tools are used to remove tartar.  Your teeth will not only be cleaner; a professional cleaning will help prevent more serious dental problems in the future.  During your exam, your tongue, throat, face, head, and neck will also be checked in order to look for signs of any potential issues.

Your regular exam is a great opportunity to address oral health issues, and also can serve as an assessment of your oral hygiene practices.  If we see that you need to spend some more time flossing or need to change some of your habits, we won’t shy away from telling you!  Remember that your dentist is here to help, so please contact Dr. Dana Walters in Hilliard and Upper Arlington, Ohio and schedule your next exam.