Mouthguards For Spring Sports

kids in the grass with eyes closedWhen the spring season approaches, it is time to hit the field for baseball, lacrosse, or another outdoor activity. It is essential to have the correct equipment, including mouthguards. Since there are different mouthguards to consider, it is wise to learn more and to choose the best one.

Importance of Wearing Mouthguards

Certain spring sports are quite physical or involve flying objects that can hurt the face and cause tremendous damage to teeth, gums, or the jaw. The best way to prevent these types of injuries is to make sure that your child wears a mouthguard. This item will cushion a hit to the face and lower the risks of suffering from broken teeth or worse trauma.

Various Types of Mouthguards for Spring Sports

The National Foundation of State High School Associations has explained that numerous studies conducted by the American Dental Association show the importance of wearing mouthguards during sporting activities. They prove that these devices drastically lower injuries that occur to the mouth. Here is a look at the various options.

Boil and Bite. This device is comfortable in the mouth. It is softened in hot water and is placed in the mouth. Thanks to the warm temperatures, it will mold to fit your child’s teeth.
Stock Mouthguard. The least expensive and most common type of mouthguard is a stock piece that is found on most store shelves. It is usually available in different sizes. It is worn during sporting events so that teeth are protected.
Custom-Fit. When you want the best fit in a mouthguard, it is best to head to your dentist’s office for a custom-fit device. It is especially smart if your child wears braces. Since it is specifically made to contour to all parts of your child’s mouth, it will offer the best protection.

If your children are playing spring sports, it is vital to obtain mouthguards that will protect their teeth. For more information, contact the office of Dr. Dana Walters. He will recommend the best piece of equipment so that your children’s smiles are preserved.