The Link Between Diet and Dental Health

Your body is a very amazing machine. The foods that you eat will affect your dental health and general health. If your diet is filled with sweetened fruit juices, sodas and sugary snacks, then you are at a greater risk for developing tooth decay. Tooth decay is an extremely common condition, but the good news is that it can be prevented.

Tooth decay develops when plaque mixes with sugar and causes acid to attack the teeth. Any food that contains sugar can contribute to tooth decay. Pastries, cookies, soft drinks and candy are examples of foods that are very high in sugar. Severe gum disease is another very common dental concern. Health researchers believe that poor nutrition and lifestyle choices can also contribute to gum disease.

Water, lean meat, fat-free dairy foods, vegetables, fruits and whole grains are some of the main foods that you will need to consume. You should also limit the number of snacks that you consume and brush twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste. Furthermore, you should see a dentist on a regular basis.