The Importance of Proper Dental Care During Pregnancy

shutterstock_367894586During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many changes. Her mind is usually focused on her developing baby. Besides proper nutrition, it is also important to follow a solid dental care routine. Having a healthy mouth is a vital part of pregnancy.

Gum Disease. During pregnancy, a woman’s hormones are constantly changing. This leaves her most vulnerable to bacteria that leads to tooth decay. It is common for gum disease to develop as well. This condition may heighten the risks of premature labor. To prevent problems, it is crucial to brush and floss each day.

Increased Plaque. A pregnant woman is most likely to suffer from plaque build-up, which may lead to gum problems. At this time, the body does not fight plaque as quickly as it does in a non-pregnant person. If plaque is allowed to build, it may lead to gingivitis. When a pregnant woman already has gingivitis, it may become worse. To ensure that plaque is completely removed from teeth, a pregnant woman should schedule a professional cleaning at her dentist’s office.

Dental Tips for Pregnant Women:

Pregnant women should follow certain dental tips to ensure a healthy mouth.

  • Proper Hygiene. Although everyone should follow a daily dental hygiene routine, it is essential during pregnancy. The American Dental Association recommends brushing twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. It is best to floss and rinse with an antimicrobial mouthwash as well. This is especially important when a woman suffers from morning sickness.
  • Healthy Diet. Eating right will preserve the health of you and your baby. Also, it ensures that your child will have strong teeth. An embryo’s teeth develop during the third through sixth month of pregnancy, so a mother’s diet plays a key role in creating healthy teeth.
  • Dental Visits. Pregnant women frequently visit their doctors for examinations, so it is wise to make appointments for dental checkups as well. A dentist will help a woman keep her gums and teeth as healthy as possible.

If you are a pregnant woman, it is never too early to begin practicing top dental care. Dr. Dana Walters is always available to share tips that ensure pregnant patients give birth to healthy babies. To schedule a consultation, call the office today.