How To Prevent Headaches By Taking Care Of Your Teeth

shutterstock_199141433To promote awareness about various causes of headache pain, it is important to examine the ways teeth may contribute to the discomfort. The American Dental Association explains the link between the mouth and headaches. Teeth grinding, abscesses, and cavities can all lead to head pain.

Teeth Grinding. Teeth grinding is a destructive habit that often causes headaches. Although some people are unaware of the grinding that occurs, this clenching action creates tension in the jaw and face, which leads to headaches. Teeth grinding is typically the mind’s unconscious reaction to stress, anger, or anxiety.

Symptoms of grinding include tooth sensitivity, worn enamel, chipped teeth, and face pain. An abnormal bite or missing teeth may cause this problem as well. The best way to treat the issue is through stress management or the use of a mouth guard.

Abscessed Tooth. An abscessed tooth is caused by a deep cavity or tooth crack that leads to an infection, which bothers nerves in the mouth. These nerves send signals to the head and result in throbbing pain. To stop a headache, it is important to schedule an appointment with your dentist and have the abscess properly treated.

To prevent an abscess, it is important to practice a regular oral care regimen. You should brush and floss your teeth each day and avoid sugary foods. Also, you should visit your dentist for checkups and professional cleanings twice a year.

Cavities. Cavities are common problems in the mouth that cause holes in teeth. When the damage is deep, it may affect the nerves. After eating hot, cold, and overly sweet foods, these nerves may respond by sending pain signals to areas of the face.

Headaches caused by cavities can be treated by visiting your dentist for fillings. Preventing cavities is not difficult. Using a fluoride toothpaste or mouth rinse will add an extra layer of protection from tooth decay. Receiving a routine dental checkup will help catch cavities early so that you keep painful headaches to a minimum.

The above tips should help you prevent headaches caused by poor oral hygiene. Taking care of your teeth is very important. Having a healthy mouth means having a healthy life.