How To: Prevent An Abscessed Tooth

17958126_lAn abscessed tooth can be uncomfortable, and can cause further oral health problems. Although an abscessed tooth can be treated, it is better to take steps to prevent it.

What Is An Abscessed Tooth?

An abscess is caused by a bacterial infection. While gums can become abscessed, tooth abscess develops inside a tooth. The best approach to avoiding these issues is to practice good oral health habits. When you reduce your risk of tooth decay, you will reduce your risk of an abscess.

Dental Tips To Avoid An Abscess

Even if you are practicing good oral health habits, there is always room for improvement. Some steps you can take include:
-Make use of fluoride. As fluoride protects the teeth, choose mouthwash, water, and toothpaste that contain fluoride.
-Use your oral care products after every meal. Brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash.
-Avoid sugary and sticky foods. You need a healthy, balanced diet.
-Your toothbrush should be replaced regularly. While three to four months is the recommended length of time to use a toothbrush, you should also buy a new one if you have had a cold or flu.

Oral Health Requires Regular Dental Visits

Avoiding tooth decay and an abscess requires regular visits to the dentist. Regardless of how conscientious you are about home oral care, it cannot replace a professional cleaning. Your toothbrush and dental floss cannot remove all of the substances that can easily be removed in the dentist’s office.

A second reason for regular visits is the thorough examination you will receive at the dentist’s office. When your teeth and gums are examined, your dentist will notice if there are any problems that must be corrected. Early treatment of dental problems is the way to avoid unnecessary complications.

Unless your dentist recommends a different timetable, you should make dental appointments every six months.

When you know how to avoid an abscess, you can avoid the pain and expense of treatment. These few tips can significantly increase your chance of enjoying good oral health for a lifetime. You can look at oral health as a partnership between you and your dentist.