How Dental Bridges Can Restore Your Smile

shutterstock_216284701When your teeth are not in perfect condition, it can ruin your smile. There are a number of dental tips for missing teeth. One option is a dental bridge.

Dental Bridges Mean Nicer Smiles:

Gaps in your mouth from missing teeth spoil your otherwise nice appearance. While one missing tooth can often be corrected with a dental implant, dental bridges are better if you have lost multiple teeth.

When you have a bridge, it will give the appearance of natural teeth. You can smile, and be more confident in the way you look.

Choices for Dental Bridges:

Your dentist may offer a choice between a removable bridge or a fixed bridge. One factor in choosing is to decide which type of bridge is most convenient for you.

Removable bridges can be taken out and cleaned in a manner similar to traditional dentures. Fixed bridges generally do not require any more upkeep than your own natural teeth.

How Long Will a Bridge Last?

When you take proper care of your bridge, you can expect it to last between five and fifteen years. You need to practice good oral health habits at home every day and visit your dentist regularly.

A Small Investment with Many Benefits:

A beautiful smile and more self-confidence are two important benefits of dental bridges. However, there are other benefits that are equally important.

Your overall quality of life can improve because dental bridges are beneficial to your health. Missing teeth can affect your ability to chew and digest your food. When you are missing teeth, it can even affect the foods you choose. A bridge will make eating easier, and you can enjoy many foods you are avoiding today.

Dental bridges can improve your dental health, general health, and confidence. An attractive smile can be yours without anyone knowing you are wearing a bridge.

You can start by requesting an evaluation from Dr. Dana Walters. Dr. Walters will examine your teeth and gums, recommend the type of bridge that is best for your situation, and ask about your personal preferences. With very little effort, you can have a nice, natural smile for many years.