Healthy Tips For A Beautiful Smile During The Holidays

copy-of-shutterstock_62273131During the holidays, most people ignore their diets and enjoy the sweets of the season. Family and friends are gathering for many parties as well. At this time of year, it is important to consider your oral health. Here are some dental tips that will keep your smile beautiful.

Watch Your Beverages. The holidays are filled with festive parties. When you choose a cocktail, it is wise to select a drink that will not damage or stain your teeth like red wine. For example, vodka is a beverage that will not cause stains or teeth erosion. In fact, it will kill odor-causing bacteria that leads to bad breath.

Avoid Candy Canes. Many people enjoy these peppermint treats during the holidays. Unfortunately, these sweets are sticky and are very bad for your teeth. Since it takes a long time to dissolve, your teeth are at a higher risk for developing cavities. If you must have your fill of this candy, brush your teeth when you are finished.

Maintain your Oral Care Routine. The holidays are filled with hustle and bustle, so it is easy to have your normal routine upset. According to the American Dental Association, it is crucial to brush twice a day and to floss before bed. This will keep food from becoming trapped in your mouth and causing problems.

Visit Your Dentist. During the holidays, it may be smart to schedule an appointment with your dentist. It is much easier to catch small problems before the new year starts. You will be ready to celebrate the season with a gleaming smile as well.

If you are interested in learning other dental tips that will keep your smile looking beautiful for the holidays, contact the office of Dr. Dana Walters. His entire staff is dedicated to helping families create positive oral care routines that last a lifetime.