Healthy Foods To Include In Your Summer Parties

11289412_808096669274092_4022125223490143113_oAs summer parties are in full swing, it is important to uncover a menu that is good for your teeth. This season is a popular time for cookouts, dips in the pool, and firework festivities. Here are some tooth-friendly options to serve your guests.

Understanding Tooth Decay. According to the American Dental Association, tooth decay occurs when plaque combines with sugar in the mouth and forms acid that attacks teeth. To prevent cavities and promote positive dental health, you are advised to avoid foods and beverages rich in sugar. This includes soda, cookies, and candy.

Summer Menu Tips. The smartest food choices to preserve the health of your mouth include chicken, meat, and milk products. This is great news, especially when planning an outdoor barbecue. Cheeseburgers and chicken are simple to grill and always taste delicious. These foods contain calcium and phosphorus, two substances that remineralize teeth.

Salads are smart summer party options as well. Tomatoes and lettuce have high water contents, so sugars are diluted, and saliva production is stimulated. This helps wash away food that remains stuck in your teeth.

For dessert, a fruit parfait is a delicious and refreshing option. For example, oranges and pineapples are high in vitamin C. Studies show consuming fruits with this vitamin protects your gums and lowers your likelihood of developing periodontal disease.

Smart Summer Beverages. The best beverages for good dental health are water, milk, and unsweetened tea. Drinks like lemonade and soda contain high amounts of sugar and acid that wear away enamel. If it is necessary to sweeten a drink, it is recommended to use a sugar substitute, including Splenda or Equal.

Fruit smoothies are tasty summer beverage alternatives. They are easy to blend and contain many vitamins that boost your energy. Strawberries are especially good for your teeth. They contain malic acid, a substance known to brighten your smile.

Summer is the season to eat fresh foods. Besides protecting your teeth, the above items will help improve your overall health. To ensure positive dental health, it is important to eat right, brush and floss each day, and visit your dentist for annual checkups.