Foods to Avoid For Good Oral Health

39180047_lHome oral care and regular dental visits are important for oral health. However, you should also avoid a number of foods and beverages that can be harmful to your teeth.
Carbonated Beverages. Even if you have avoided regular soft drinks due to the high sugar content, take dental tips a step further and do not drink soda at all. The carbonation in soft drinks can erode tooth enamel, even if it is a diet soda. Soda is one of the worst beverages you can drink when you want healthy teeth.
Crunchy Snacks. Potato chips and similar snacks contain starch. The residue can become stuck in teeth and between the teeth. You should not eat these snacks unless you brush and floss your teeth immediately afterward.
Sticky Foods. Some foods can stick to your teeth and promote the growth of bacteria. Avoid sticky candies, hard candy, dried fruits, and similar products.
Beverages And Foods That Stain Teeth. The natural pigment in some foods, such as berries and red wine, can stain teeth. Teeth can become stained from soy sauce and cranberry juice. Coffee and tea can also cause this problem.
Acidic Products. Foods and beverages that are acidic can damage tooth enamel. As these are products that are otherwise healthy, brush your teeth after you eat or drink. Fresh citrus fruits and citrus juices are in this category.
Alcohol. Alcohol can reduce your natural saliva flow and cause dry mouth. As this can increase your risk of tooth decay, limit alcoholic beverages or avoid them entirely.
Sugar. Sugar is not only found in candies and sugary desserts. Sugar is one of the main ingredients in energy drinks and sports drinks, too. You should develop the habit of reading labels when you shop, and avoid foods and beverages with high sugar content. Your teeth will be stronger and healthier.

Everything you eat and drink can be good or bad for your teeth. When overall oral health is your goal, include these oral tips for products to avoid. You can avoid tooth damage and tooth decay, and have teeth that are beautiful and healthy.