Advantages of a dental implants

Maintaining healthy teeth is very important. While we need strong teeth to chew our food, we also want a straight, white set of teeth to give us an attractive smile that we can feel good about. Missing teeth can inhibit our ability to eat and can be embarrassing. Fortunately for those with damaged or missing teeth, your dentist can fix your smile with dental implants.

Strengthens Support for Other Dental Work

If you already have dental bridges or dentures, you know they tend to slip or shift in your mouth. Implants provide a better support system, preventing these problems, especially while you’re eating or speaking. Since the implant is more secure and fused to your jaw, all of your artificial teeth will fit better and feel more natural.

Implants are More Comfortable

There is often a degree of discomfort associated with wearing dentures. In the past, there was no choice but to simply adjust to the discomfort. Because dental implants are a more natural and permanent fit, users often don’t notice them as time goes on, making them a more comfortable and less distracting option.

Reduce the Risk of Jawbone Shrinkage

Missing teeth can cause the jawbone to shrink and lose its’ density. Getting a dental implant to fill that gap strengthens the overall continuity of your teeth, which prevents them from shifting and keeps the jawbone strong. Implants also cover holes in the jaw bone which prevent food from falling in and causing infection.

Implants are a Permanent Solution

Just like natural teeth and dentures, you will have to take proper care of your dental implants. Your dentist will give you specific instructions on what that entails. As long as you care for your implants properly, they can last throughout your lifetime. This makes them preferable to other options, which may degrade and need to be replaced over time.

A Better Eating Experience

One of the more practical benefits of receiving implants is that they will make your teeth stronger and help you enjoy eating again. When there’s a missing or decayed tooth in your mouth, it can affect how you eat and prevent you from enjoying certain foods. Once you’ve had implants, you can again eat with confidence, knowing that hard or crunchy foods won’t damage your teeth. 

You Will Smile More

Missing teeth can cause a number of problems. They can cause your remaining teeth to shift and appear crooked, which will keep you from smiling confidently. Additionally, missing teeth and the degradation that it causes in the jaw can affect how your face looks. There may be sagging and deeper wrinkles. By getting the implants, you can have a healthy smile again.

Everyone wants a smile that they’re proud of. Getting implants is a great way to restore your smile and give you better overall dental health. If you would like to learn more about the dental implants or find out if you qualify, please contact us Dana Walters DDS for a consultation.