Month: January 2018


The Best Ways To Prevent Plaque Build-Up

There are many ways teeth can be damaged, and plaque is a common example. When you are familiar with this topic, you can avoid plaque build-up and have healthier teeth. What is Plaque? A small amount of plaque is not always visible. The sticky substance consists of food particles, mucus, and bacteria. The substance can...


What is the Connection Between Periodontal Disease and Heart Disease?

Without any type of cardiovascular testing, it may be possible to detect an early heart problem. However, scientists have done research that shows a person’s mouth may be able to tell if he or she is at a high risk to develop heart disease. Individuals with periodontal disease (or gum disease) are twice as likely...


The Mouth-Body Connection: How Can Taking Care of My Mouth Affect My Overall Health?

When you have healthy or unhealthy teeth, they affect more than your mouth. The condition of your teeth and gums affects your overall health, too. You can reduce your risk of serious medical issues by making your oral health a priority.  The Relationship Between Your Oral Health and Overall Health The connection between oral health...