Month: May 2016


Tips From Dr. Dana Walters on Pregnancy and Dental Concerns

During pregnancy, it is important for women to practice a positive oral care routine. At this time, there are many oral health issues that can start. Before baby arrives, it is important to learn some tips to maintain a healthy mouth and smile. Oral Problems During Pregnancy- As hormones change, gums can swell and cause...


Basic Oral Hygiene Tips For Your Family

Your family’s dental health is as important as their general health. Some oral hygiene tips can help everyone in your family have healthy teeth and gums. 1. Consider that each member of your family may have different oral care needs. This can mean purchasing special products, choosing an orthodontist for your teen, or making dental...


How Bruxism (Teeth Grinding) Treatment Works

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is a common condition. According to The American Dental Association, people grind their teeth for many reasons. For instance, stress, sleep issues, or mouth problems may cause this habit to begin. Since bruxism can be painful and lead to tooth problems, there are numerous effective treatments available. Mouth Guards or Mouth...