5 Reasons To Be Thankful For A Healthy Mouth

shutterstock_230431927During Thanksgiving, it is common to give thanks for your friends and family. It is also important to be thankful for your positive oral health. Even though many people take healthy teeth for granted, it is essential to understand why they are essential parts of life.

1. Increases Overall Health

A healthy body begins with healthy teeth. Without a solid set of choppers, it is not possible to obtain proper nutrition. Also, medical studies have shown mouth problems often indicate other negative health issues. Heart disease and diabetes are two conditions that can be linked to poor oral health. Taking care of your teeth can keep bodily problems at bay.

2. Helps Freshen Breath

When you do not properly clean your teeth, bacteria builds and leads to decay. As this occurs, the mouth begins to fill with an unpleasant odor. The American Dental Association, explains brushing and flossing each day will keep cavities from forming and will help your breath remain fresh.

3. Increases Confidence

When your teeth look good, you feel good about yourself. You are not afraid to smile or have fun. A white smile, which is free of stains, boosts your self-esteem and makes you a more confident person. You will not need to hide behind a mouth that causes embarrassment.

4. Prevents Pain

When you have multiple cavities and other mouth problems, you will probably be dealing with a great amount of pain that prevents you from chewing properly. This discomfort also keeps you from sleeping or enjoying life. Having a healthy mouth allows you to focus on things other than pain.

5. Saves You Money

Dental problems can be very expensive, especially when they are severe. Taking preventative measures to maintain a healthy mouth will save you money. Since regular dental checkups are usually covered by insurance, and they help prevent problems from developing, you can use the extra cash on something fun.

Maintaining a healthy mouth requires daily care. For more dental tips, you can consult with your dentist. Dr. Dana Walters is always ready to help patients keep their smiles looking great so that it is possible to be thankful all year long.

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Tips For Protecting Your Teeth From All The Holiday Sweets

shutterstock_223597519The holiday season is fun for everyone. One part of the season is enjoying a variety of desserts and treats. You can have a good time during the holidays without risking your oral health.

Dental Tips For The Holiday Season-

Candies, cookies, pies, and cakes do not have to be the highlight of each day. One approach to healthy teeth is to limit holiday sweets. This does not mean eliminating sweet treats entirely. While you can enjoy a box of chocolates with your family, or have a sweet dessert at dinnertime, emphasize treats that do not increase the risk of tooth decay.

Mixed nuts are nice for the holiday table, and in your child’s Christmas stocking. A bowl of fresh, non-acidic fruits is another favorite. Adults and children alike can appreciate these healthy choices.

A holiday is not a time to neglect home dental care. You can encourage your kids to brush and floss after every treat by joining in on the practice. Kids like to brush and floss with Mom and Dad.

Christmas is an ideal time to give your child new dental care products. You can slip a brand-new toothbrush in his stocking, along with a package of dental floss and his/her own toothpaste. You can also surprise your child with a new dental care appliance, such as an electric toothbrush or a water flosser.

He will feel quite grown up when he has the chance to use these appliances. Make sure to choose appliances that are appropriate for your child’s age.

Oral Health Can Be Fun-

If you have not focused on oral health during previous holiday seasons, approach your child before he asks questions. Instead of telling him holiday sweets are forbidden, encourage him to look forward to healthier products. As an example, stringing popcorn can be as much fun as chewing on a sugary candy cane, and freshly-popped popcorn will not harm his teeth.
With a little planning in advance, your child can have a great time during the holidays without damaging his teeth. He can have a moderate amount of sweets, many healthier products, and good oral health.

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Healthy Gums For A Healthy Pregnancy

10220544_lYour body undergoes tremendous changes during pregnancy. With all these hormonal changes happening, you can expect it to affect your body in a variety of ways. Hormonal changes can make your body more vulnerable to bacteria and plaque buildup. This can result in your gums feeling more tender than normal. The changes your feeling do not affect you alone. Your baby feels this too. For this reason, your dental care is vitally important to your overall health to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy and healthy gums. Below you’ll find dental tips that are designed to keep your oral health in pristine condition.

Don’t Stop Brushing Your Teeth. Sure, if you’re suffering from morning sickness, brushing your teeth doesn’t seem to appealing with all the gagging you’re experiencing. You still need to brush your teeth twice a day at minimum with fluoride toothpaste. If you increase your tooth brushing routine to three of four times a day, you’ll be able to fight off plaque with ease. If you’re experiencing tenderness or swollen gums due to pregnancy gingivitis, switch to a softer toothbrush.

Flossing and Checkups Are Still Important. It’s essential that you floss your teeth twice a day to stave off plaque buildup and bacterial infections. If you want your oral health to remain in superior condition, you need to take extra precautions. Be sure to visit Dana Walters DDS regularly for a professional cleaning and dental care checkup.

Don’t Let Morning Sickness Ruin Your Oral Health. A great dental tip most women don’t hear enough is that if you’re struggling with morning sickness, rinse your mouth out with a single teaspoon of baking soda and water. If you can get the go-ahead from your doctor, try using a baking soda toothpaste. To ensure stomach acids aren’t eating away at your teeth, you should always rinse your mouth out with water each time you vomit. It’ll also help if you maintain a healthy diet that is tailored to keeping your gums in great shape. Try eating foods that are rich in calcium, B12 and vitamin C. Call Dana Walters DDS for more helpful dental tips.

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Tips To Avoid Tooth Decay

shutterstock_221871235Tooth decay can destroy your smile. It may affect the outer enamel or penetrate deeper into the center dentin of a tooth. Without proper dental care, it may lead to tooth loss. To avoid these problems and maintain solid oral health, there are certain prevention tips that will keep decay to a minimum.

Brush and Floss Each Day. Brushing with a fluoride toothpaste is the best way to remove debris from the mouth. Flossing penetrates between teeth and the gum line, which eliminates trapped food particles. These practices lower the likelihood of developing plaque buildup and cavities.

Maintain a Balanced Diet. For maximum overall health, it is wise to eat a balanced diet. Consuming too many sweets and carbohydrates often leads to weight gain and tooth decay. These items stick to teeth and inhibit bacteria growth. When you eat an over abundance of sugar, bacteria turns to acid. This acid combines with food debris and saliva and forms plaque, which accumulates on teeth and causes cavities.

Supplements and Sealants. According to the American Dental Association, fluoride supplements and dental sealants are effective ways to prevent cavities. Fluoride strengthens enamel so that it holds up against decay. Also, sealants are dental treatments that can be applied to your molars. These protective plastic coatings are brushed onto the chewing surfaces of your back teeth. These are common points where decay strikes, especially when they contain deep grooves. Application is painless and can drastically lower the chances of developing cavities.

Schedule Regular Dental Visits. Regular visits to your dentist are key parts of tooth decay prevention. At your dentist’s office, you will receive a professional examination and cleaning that removes stubborn debris and tartar. Also, it may be possible to receive fluoride treatments that guard enamel and keep teeth strong. Taking these steps will help avoid harmful cavities.

Each day, it is essential to follow a solid oral care regimen. It is never fun facing the pain and ugliness of tooth decay. Your dentist will be able to explain more prevention tips so that you keep your smile looking its best.

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