Month: April 2015


Promote Youth Sports Safety

The numbers are growing each year. The number of injuries in youth sports is higher than ever. Parents and team coaches can prevent injuries in youth sports. April is Youth Sports Safety Month. Here are 5 ways to help promote Youth Sports Safety…   Protect eyes. A lot of the time eye protection is forgotten....


Packing A Dentist Approved Lunch

It’s important to remember that Cavities can affect people of all age groups.  Whether you’re packing your child’s lunch or your own, remember that including tooth-friendly snacks can go a long way towards keeping cavities away.  Selecting the right foods, along with healthy dental hygiene habits, are a winning combination for protecting your teeth.  Try to include...


Oral Allergy Syndrome

We have officially made it through Winter! Daily temperatures are warming up, and soon we’ll be in the full swing of Spring. While all of us are thankful for comfortable weather, some people will soon be facing allergy season. If you have allergies and experience an itchy mouth and throat, along with itchy eyes and...