Your Toothbrush and Your Oral Hygiene

It’s time to get a new toothbrush, and when you’re browsing through the oral care aisle you see many different options to choose from. Any toothbrush will do, right? Wrong! One of the first mistakes that many people make with brushing originates back to the very selection of the toothbrush. Through no fault of their own, most people are uneducated in how to select the toothbrush that fits them the best. Here are some helpful things to have in mind when selecting your toothbrush.

Remember to think about the size of your mouth as you browse through toothbrush options. If you feel like your toothbrush is too large to fit into your mouth easily and comfortably, that’s a sign that the brush is too big to use comfortably, and it’s most likely too big to effectively clean your teeth as well. The main idea is that the more comfortably it fits in your mouth, and the more comfortable it feels when you hold it, the better chance that it’s the right size for you.

What about the bristles? If the toothbrush’s bristles are too stiff, it can irritate your gums. It’s typically better to opt for softer bristles. Try to find a toothbrush with bristles that are sturdy enough to remove plaque, but not so sturdy that it feels painful on the gums or your teeth.

It’s hard to know how your brush will feel before it’s out of the package, and it may take a little trial and error, but keep these thoughts in mind when it’s time to buy your next toothbrush. If the last one you purchased was comfortable to use, left your teeth feeling clean, and didn’t leave you in pain, it was probably a good fit. We’re always more than happy to help our patients in Hilliard and Upper Arlington, Ohio  narrow down their toothbrush selection and offer helpful tips on general oral hygiene!

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Sleep Dentistry: Your Snoring Solution

Have you ever had problems with snoring in your life? Has your spouse or a loved one? If so, you have probably seen a variety of treatments and solutions out there. You probably, however, did not consider consulting your dentist for a possible solution. Sleep dentistry involves the use of oral and dental devices that help in treating snoring problems.

There are a variety of dental devices that can be recommended for treatment, including the mandibular advancement device. It is a very popular appliance that is used to force the lower jaw down and slightly forward. It looks very much like a mouth guard that you might use for sporting events and it is very effective in keeping the airway open and helping prevent breathing issues throughout the night that are most responsible for snoring.

A mandibular advancement device, along with improving all around oral health, can be a very effective treatment for snoring. If you are interested in learning more about sleep dentistry, or know somebody who is suffering from snoring problems, please contact Dr. Dana Walters to find out more information.

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The Importance of Oral Hygiene

One of the most important parts of your oral hygiene routines is that of brushing your teeth. In order to keep your mouth healthy, you should use a soft bristled brush designed to fit your mouth for brushing two times daily. The toothbrush needs to be replaced when bristles become frayed or at least once every 3-4 months. Use a fluoride toothpaste approved by the ADA.

It is also important to use proper technique when brushing the teeth. Angle the brush at approximately 45 degrees to the gums and move it in short strokes in a back and forth motion. Be sure to brush all the exposed surfaces of the teeth, including the inside of the front teeth. Do not forget the tongue as brushing removes bacteria to keep the breath fresh.

Flossing helps to remove bacteria that the toothbrush is unable to reach. It also helps to reduce plaque and food particles from the gum line as well as between teeth.

Regular checkups with your dentist help to catch problems early and prevent them from causing serious conditions with the teeth. Dr. Walters family dentistry in Hilliard and Upper Arlington, Ohio can recommend the oral care products that are effective in keeping your teeth in top shape.

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